SCBA Cylinder Testing

We can provide "on-site" retesting for all types of SCBA cylinders utilizing a mobile test lab that will come directly to your fire department or facility.

This includes Eddy Current Testing for aluminum cylinders that are manufactured before 1990 with the T6351 alloy.

Your SCBA can be externally and internally visually inspected, hydrostatically tested and certified the same day without ever leaving your fire department or facility.

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Company History

  • Over 85,000 Cylinders Re-Certified
  • Serving Fire Departments since 2003
  • Experience and understanding volumetric expansion is a requirement for any DOT Certified Hydrostatic Testing Lab or Facility
  • We look forward to serving you with your SCBA, SCUBA, Oxygen and Cascade cylinder needs.

There are DOT requirements for testing cylinders and tanks.  We have a USDOT Exemption "E" permit.

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